Humanitarian Assistance for the Sudanese People

The people of Sudan need our help. In mid-April, violence erupted between the Sudanese army and a paramilitary group called the Rapid Support Forces. Despite brokering multiple ceasefires, conflict between these groups has continued, centered primarily around the capital of Khartoum and in the western region of Darfur. Civilians are increasingly affected throughout the country; news outlets are reporting that electricity is spotty and food and water are in short supply.

As of mid-May, over 200,000 people have already fled Sudan to surrounding countries (such as South Sudan, Chad, Ethiopia, and Egypt). An additional 700,000 people are internally displaced within Sudan. This humanitarian crisis is expected to grow—U.N. agencies are estimating that five million additional people will need aid as a result of this conflict.

We know that giving in this region can be challenging and must be done with great care and diligence. CAF America is committed to serving our donor clients, especially in the face of conflict. Our main focus remains on protecting your ability to give as donors through our regulations, risk, and reputational model. This includes following all U.S. laws and IRS guidelines and protocols related to charitable giving as political situations unfold around the globe.

Juba, South Sudan - February 28th, 2012: Unidentified woman sits with her daughter in front of his hovel in displaced persons camp, Juba, South Sudan. Refugees stay in harsh conditions in camps of Juba.

We have reached out to all of our eligible charities in the region to confirm their work in response to the disaster, and will continue to keep the below list of organizations responding to this crisis up to date.

Please reach out to us if there is anything we can do to assist you: or 202-793-2232.

Organizations Responding to the Conflict in Sudan

The organizations in the list below are working to provide relief and are currently vetted and eligible to receive grants from CAF America. You can support their work by clicking on the organization name or by contacting your fund manager to make a grant from your fund.

Organizations in the Region

Organizations in the United States

Organizations around the World