Press Releases


fileJune 14
Global study of charitable giving upended by Covid-19 lockdowns

fileMay 12
New survey Reveals COVID-19 Will Change Nonprofits for Years to Come

fileApril 30
PepsiCo Foundation Among those Honored for Excellence at Launch of CAF America 30th Anniversary Celebration

fileApril 5
CAF America Recognizes Industry Leaders with 2021 Award for Excellence in International Philanthropy

fileFebruary 24
CAF America Hires Leading Social Impact Consultant

fileFebruary 11
Digital Fundraising, Strategic Financial Planning Among Key Skillsets As Charitable Organizations Navigate Pandemic


fileNovember 13
CAF America President and CEO Named One of 18 Most Powerful Nonprofit Leaders in Virginia

fileSeptember 22
Charities Remain Resilient in the Face of COVID-19 As Strategies Emerge To Manage Through The Pandemic | New CAF America report focuses on challenges and innovation

fileSeptember 16
During the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 75) CAF America Highlights Charitable Giving Related to COVID-19 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

fileAugust 24
CAF America Appoints New Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

fileJuly 16
New CAF America Report Shows the Importance of American Corporate Philanthropy in Responding to COVID-19

fileJune 10
Third CAF America Survey Reflects Resilience of Global and Local Charitable Organizations Amid Pandemic

fileMay 13
Second CAF America Survey Shows Continued Negative Impact on Charitable Organizations Due to COVID-19

fileApril 1
CAF America Survey of 500+ Global Charitable Organizations  Shows Nearly All Negatively Impacted by COVID-19

fileJanuary 14
CAF America Recognizes Industry Leaders at 5th Annual Celebration of International Philanthropy Awards Gala


fileOctober 24
On United Nations Day, First-Ever CAF America Report Shows Philanthropy’s Role toward Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

fileOctober 10
Global giving study finds America is the world’s most generous country

fileJune 12
CAF America partners with E4E Relief to provide disaster and hardship relief programs for employees across the globe

fileMay 23
Celebrating Philanthropy in America at the National Archives

fileMay 15
CAF America announces partnership with the University of Pennsylvania Center for High Impact Philanthropy to host the 2019 International Grantmaking Symposium

fileApril 9
CAF America Expands to Miami, Led by Oliver Ranft

fileFebruary 7
Cross-Border Giving: A Legal and Practical Guide Workbook Edition

fileJanuary 15
2019 Celebration of International Philanthropy | CAF America honors Cisco


fileOctober 30
The 2018 World Giving Index

fileApril 16
CAF America announces partnership with the George Washington University, Center for International Business Education and Research to host the 2018 International Grantmaking Symposium

fileJanuary 22
2018 Celebration of International Philanthropy | CAF America honors Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Fidelity Charitable


fileAugust 16
CAF America and China Global Philanthropy Institute Unite to Develop Philanthropy in China

fileFebruary 27
CAF America Partners with USAID and Chevron to Facilitate Bangladeshi Diaspora Donations

fileFebruary 21
CAF America and Tufts University, Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life to partner for the 2017 International Grantmaking Symposium


fileApril 14
CAF America and UNDP to partner for the 2016 International Grantmaking Symposium

fileFebruary 17
Aspen Institute Transitions The Diaspora Investment Alliance (DIA) to Charities Aid Foundation of America


file February 21
CAF America and SAIS to Launch The International Grantmaking Symposium


file June 10
CAF America Announces New Service Enhancement: CAF America Asia-Pacific Advisory Services (CAAS)

fileMarch 20
Global Philanthropy Made Easier: CAF America’s “No Fee Equivalency Determination” **


fileNovember 29
CAF America Launches NGOAmerica

fileSeptember 26
CAF America Welcomes Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Initiative to Simplify International Grantmaking

**Note: This offer was available for a limited time and is no longer applicable. Please see our Equivalency Determination fact page for the most updated fees.

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