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radio-widgetCAF America’s CEO, Ted Hart, hosts a web-based, half-hour radio show designed to help our peers and colleagues understand the emerging trends, best practices, and issues in the field of international philanthropy.

Each show features a Q&A style conversation with a philanthropy professional who brings specialized expertise and insight on topics related to global grantmaking and cross-border giving.

The shows are available to stream as a podcast immediately after they conclude. All of the podcasts are available in the links below and can also be found on the show’s page.

Library of Topics

The “How to?” of International Grantmaking
> ED & ER
> Employee Giving
> Rules and Regulations
Philanthropic Solutions
Corporate Engagement
World Stage
Statistics and Trends in Philanthropy



The “How to?” of International Grantmaking

Best Practices: Equivalency Determination with Jessie Krafft, CAF America
Expenditure Responsibility with Michael Durham, Caplin & Drysdale
Latest from the IRS: Is the Landscape of International Philanthropy Changing? with Elizabeth Kingsley J.D., Harmon, Curran, Spielberg + Eisenberg, LLP.
ED & ER: In Focus with David Shevlin, Simpson, Thacher, & Bartlett LLP
What You Need To Know About: New IRS Guidelines for Equivalency Determination with Elizabeth Kingsley, Harmon Curran Spielberg & Eisenberg LLP

Employee Giving
Global Online Employee Giving Solution with Nina Vellayan, CEO & President of FrontStream Payments
#GivingTuesday | On the Front Lines of Global Healthcare: Medtronic Philanthropy with Jacob Gayle, Medtronic Philanthropy

Rules and Regulations
Best Practices: Grantee Reporting with John Bennett and David Shevlin, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett
Live from PEAK Grantmaking 2017! with Christopher Percopo, Nancy Herzog, and Satonya C Fair




Philanthropic Solutions

Blurring the Borders with Giving: The Impact of HNWI on Diaspora Giving with Alex Dixon, The Aspen Institute
Wealth Advisors & Their Role in HNWI Philanthropic Giving with David Ratcliffe, U.S. Trust
Post 2015 SDGs and International Diaspora Giving with Heather Grady, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, and Alexander Dixon, The Diaspora Investment Alliance
Best Practices: Asia-Pacific Advisory Services with Terrence Chee, CAF Southeast Asia
Charity Navigator: Shared Value Initiative with John Holm, PYXERA Global
A Family Affair: Philanthropy and Generational Giving
with Lisa Parker, Lawrence Welk Family Foundation
Best Practices in Grantmaking: Live from GMN, San Diego with Dolores Estrada, The California Endowment, Myriam Fizazi-Hawkins, Resource Center at National Endowment for Democracy, Iris Garcia, Global Fund for Women, and Jen Bokoff, The Foundation Center
Best Practices in Grantmaking: Live from GMN Conference, Washington D.C. with Jessica Bearman, Bearman Consulting, and Andy Goodman, The Goodman Center,
Turning Knowledge into Action: Revisiting the IGS with Anuar Juraidini, Citi Foundation, and Ulrika Friesen, Cisco

A Winning Transatlantic Proposition: The CAF American Donor Fund with Mark Greer, CAF American Donor Fund
Mind the Gaps: Unifying Philanthropy to Achieve Sustainable Development
with Krolina Mzyk Callias, UNDP Istanbul Center for Private Sector Development



Corporate Engagement

Cargill and fighting rural poverty in Mexico with Stacey Smilda and Valeria Olson, Cargill
Day of International Giving & Corporate Social Responsibility with Brigitte Burgoyne and Stacey Smida, Cargill
Corporate Giving with Margaret Coady, Committee for Encourging Corporate Philanthropy
What the Heart Wants: Combating Heart Disease Worldwide with Amanda Fowler, Edwards Lifesciences




World Stage

Best Practices: Creating Success in Global Philanthropy with Jane Arnott, CAF UK
Giving around the Globe with Carmen Perez, Committee for Encourging Corporate Philanthropy
The Changing Philanthropic Landscape in China with Elizabeth W. Sobhani, CAF America
Grantmaking & Philanthropy in Africa with Carol Tappenden, CAF America
The 2014 Global Infrastructure for Giving report with Andrew Watt, Association of Fundraising Professionals
Post-2015 Platform for Philanthropy & Celebrating Nelson Mandela Day with Karolina Mzyk-Kalias, UNDP
Turning Over a New Leaf? The Changing Colors of Canadian Philanthropy with Jo-Anne Ryan, TD Waterhouse Canada
#GivingTuesday | On the Front Lines of Global Healthcare: Medtronic Philanthropy with Jacob Gayle, Medtronic Philanthropy
To Lead or to Follow: Navigating the Global Goals with Amanda MacArthur, PYXERA Global
Philanthropy in Russia: A Local Perspective with Maria Chertok, CAF Russia

Fostering the Spirit of Ubuntu : Basketball as a Vehicle for Change with Mark Crandall, Hoops 4 Hope
Do tax incentives work? A global view of tax incentives and charitable giving
with Adam Pickering, CAF UK
Philanthropy in the Philippines: A Local Perspective with Victoria Garchitorena, Ayala Corp
Sustainable Finance & Philanthropy: Addressing the World’s Most Urgent Problems with Erika Karp, Cornerstone Capital Inc.
Diaspora Giving – Originally aired on Sirius XM Channel 111, Business Radio Powered by The Wharton School with Sandi Hunt and Sherryl Kuhlman, Wharton Business Radio
Granting to China made “easy?” with Jessie Krafft, CAF America



Statistics and Trends in Philanthropy

World Giving Index
World Giving Index 2012
World Giving Index 2013

Upcoming Radio Shows

March, 15 2018 11:30 a.m. (EST)

Crowdfunding: Is Your Campaign Charitable

The rise of crowdfunding is a relatively recent phenomenon brought about by rapid evolutions in technology and the internet. However, not all crowdfunding is created equal, especially when considering tax-deductibility. Donors and organizers of such campaigns may wrongly assume that donations made through such crowdfunding platforms are always tax-deductible.

Join Ted Hart, President and CEO of CAF America, as he discusses crowdfunding complications and how to ensure your campaign is charitable in nature with guest, Jessie Krafft, VP of Donor Advised and Grants Services at CAF America!

Click here to listen.

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