#GivingTuesday 2015 Featured Partner

Medtronic Philanthropy devotes the majority of its resources to expand access to quality chronic disease care, helping address unmet health needs in underserved communities worldwide. By aligning our philanthropy around Medtronic’s health-focused mission and vision, we believe we can multiply our social impact around the world, especially in the area of chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.



CAF America’s final featured partner for our #GivingTuesday 2015 celebration is Medtronic who will be the focus of our campaign from November 24th to December 2nd. Each day we will highlight their work around the world in combating debilitating diseases and expanding access to quality healthcare.

Featured Stories

Deploying Community Health Workers to Expand Healthcare Access at the Frontlines

Working with partners around the globe, Medtronic Philanthropy’s support is focused on removing economic, educational, social and geographic barriers that block a person’s personal  journey through a healthcare system. One way that Medtronic Philanthropy does this is through building the capacity of frontline health works. According to Jacob Gayle, vice president, Medtronic Philanthropy, frontline health workers are critical to improving access. Often based in, and coming from, the communities they serve, they act as advocates for their patients, becoming trusted counselors, and ensuring that a community’s most vulnerable populations have a fair chance to receive the quality care they need.


85,000 Employees Putting the Medtronic Mission into Motion

“At Medtronic, philanthropy starts with the personal passions of our employees,” said Jacob A. Gayle, vice president, Medtronic Philanthropy. “With their time, talent and financial generosity, they are making the world a better, healthier place to live.” According to Gayle, Medtronic commits to fuel employees’ philanthropic passions in communities worldwide. In addition to a global matched giving program, the company offers and promotes a variety of skilled service and volunteer opportunities available to all employees. A company survey showed that 3 out of 4 Medtronic employees donate their time.”


Global Heroes

People take up running to be healthy. But Nicola Derryberry Maurer took up running after becoming tragically unhealthy. “Running came about mainly as a way to cope with the emotional side effects or the emotional struggles that come with having a chronic illness,” she said. Shortly after the birth of her daughter, Nicola was diagnosed with Gastroparesis, a rare condition  in which paralysis of the stomach makes digesting most food difficult. That was eight years ago.


Each year, 10 people will be selected from the Bakken Invitation Community for the Bakken Invitation Award, recognizing their extraordinary accomplishments. Each of these 10 Bakken Honorees will earn a $20,000 grant from Medtronic Philanthropy to be given to their designated charity, and a trip to Hawaii to meet Medtronic co-founder Earl Bakken. Hear from one of these people, Krystal Boyea, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was just 10 years old.

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