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For close to a quarter century, PYXERA Global has been working to improve lives and build capacity of individuals and institutions around the world. Today, our work is guided by our commitment to design and implement solutions that achieve real-world goals through approaches that inspire, enrich, and endure.



One of CAF America’s featured partners for #GivingTuesday 2015 & 2016, PYXERA Global’s superlative work in the philanthropic sphere is one of the focuses of our campaign in the lead up to #GivingTuesday 2016. We will highlight their work around the world in creating strategic partnerships between the public and private sectors to help solve important social issues.

Featured Stories 2016

Business Collaboration with Government: Does Reward Outweigh Risk?, Deirdre White, CEO, PYXERA Global, November 2016

pyxera_global-1 Government. These days, people generally pronounce the word in one of two ways: either with genuine distaste and derision, or in a disappointed tone, preceded and followed by an audible sigh. Given this year’s US election cycle, neither attitude is difficult to understand. As all eyes look to how the new administration will lead America through the next four years, what is the role of government in creating a more united country and a better world?

To Make Real Progress on the SDGs, we Need More Collaboration and Communication, Katie Levey, PYXERA Global, & Mark Horoszowski, MovingWorlds, August 2016


The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 3 is a big one: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. But in Ghana, real progress is already being made. Meet Daniel Mensah. Daniel is the Executive Director of HealthKeepers Network, a network of entrepreneurial women in rural Ghana who sell quality healthcare products within their neighborhoods in the country’s hardest-to-reach areas—regions where basic health services are severely limited or unavailable. HealthKeepers now has a new, five-year strategic plan to guide its growth in the face of Ghana’s changing donor environment—a result of its work with the Global Health Corporate Champions.

What Gets Companies to Want to Change the World, Deirdre White, CEO, PYXERA Global, September 2016

pyxera_global-1 The 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly kicked off this week, where member states from around the world gather in New York City. Climate change, the refugee crisis, and Syria are expected to lead the agenda, but it’s also worth taking a look at the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, a broad and ambitious blueprint unveiled last year detailing global development between now and 2030.

Fortune just released the 2016 “Change the World” list of 50 industry leaders that are tackling major societal problems through sound business investment, and as a result, over time, many are seeing real bottom line results.

Solving the Solvable: The Global Goals and #GivingTuesday, by Gavin Cepelak, Vice President, Global Pro Bono, PYXERA Global

pyxera_global-1 A little over one year ago, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were ratified. This set of seventeen aspirational “Global Goals,” spearheaded by the United Nations, were developed through a bottom-up process that involved its member states, corporations, global civil society, and the social sector.

Featured Stories 2015

How Corporate America Can Change the World, Deirdre White, CEO, PYXERA Global, Fortune, October 2015

USA,New York,United Nations Building When it comes to the companies on the Changing the World List, what is needed now is prioritization of where more companies and other stakeholders can engage and then an in-depth sharing of what works. While clearly there is much that companies are doing to address a number of issues affecting society globally, what’s missing from the current discussions is focus and prioritization of efforts. There are a number of challenges where the private sector is positioned to be a game changer and when they focus their efforts and engage in meaningful partnerships, real impact is achieved.

Courageous Collaborations, TNC & Dow Profile, Laura Asiala, Vice President, PYXERA Global, October 2015

Pxy_story_2 Corporations spend millions of dollars on strategic philanthropy, some of which is used to save ecosystems. Many also spend billions on capital investments, research, and development. TNC and Dow are learning together how to leverage those resources and in so doing, are demonstrating how collaboration—even among seemingly unlikely partners—can advance the Global Goals, enabling companies everywhere to value nature in a way that makes protecting precious natural environments business as usual.

Redefining the Role of Business to Achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Neil Hawkins, Corporate Vice President, EH&S, and Chief Sustainability Officer, Dow Chemical Company, Sustainable Brands Blog, October 2015

Pyx_story_3 Business holds the key to fulfilling the UN’s aspirational goals — because business is uniquely equipped to deliver innovative changes on a large scale, develop best practices that others can adopt, and build capacity and momentum toward sweeping progress.This will not be easy. In fact, it will require a fundamental reevaluation of business’s role in society. Companies — particularly those with global reach — will need to take more and more responsibility for areas traditionally outside their missions and balance sheets

Collaboration on High-Skill Projects Delivers a “Triple Benefit”, Stanley Litow, VP, Corporate Citizenship & Affairs, IBM; President, IBM Foundation, March 2014

Pyx_Story_4 No single company or economic sector can address—let alone solve—all of the world’s critical problems. Solving them requires deep collaborations and partnerships among local, regional and national governments, nonprofit organizations, corporations and others who are committed to finding solutions and bringing them to scale, an innovative approach to corporate citizenship, extending to citizen diplomacy.

JIVA: PYXERA Global in collaboration with the John Deere Foundation on JIVA

PYXERA Global and the John Deere Foundation partnered in 2012 to conduct a needs assessment of three rural Indian villages. From those results they started the Joint Initiative for Village Advancement, JIVA. CECP presented PYXERA Global with its 2015 Directors’ Award, honoring exemplary collaborations between a company and a nonprofit in combating a critical societal issue. This video tells the story of the JIVA Program and this partnership.

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