Expedited Grantmaking

Program Overview

Charities Aid Foundation America (CAF America) works with philanthropists looking to support charitable organizations around the world by providing the infrastructure necessary for high-quality, regulatory-compliant grantmaking and maintaining a worldwide network of fully vetted charity partners. Our Expedited Grantmaking Program is an efficient, time-effective way for donors to support international philanthropy while minimizing the administrative burden on recipient organizations.

As a part of the program, CAF America leverages our global network and partners in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, and South Africa to distribute qualifying grants within those countries domestically. Our partners work with the local recipient organization to complete due diligence requirements, eliminating potential language barriers and streamlining the grantmaking process.

CAF America can expedite grants to all registered charities in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia (with DGR-1 status), and to a large number of charities in Mexico, Argentina, and South Africa that have been validated by Monte de Piedad, RACI, and CAF Southern Africa respectively.

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