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The 2016 World Giving Index

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Providing a “global view on giving trends” is the aim of the World Giving Index (WGI), the annual report of the Charities Aid Foundation that explores questions defining charitable behaviour across the world. The report is based on highlighting three core aspects of charitable behaviours. It looks into whether the respondents have, within a given month, engaged in one of the following activities:

The 2016 WGI covers 140 countries in its data gathered by Gallup’s World Poll survey. This seventh edition of the World Giving Index again presents giving data from across the globe over a five year period (2011-2015). The World Giving Index 2016 includes data from 140 countries across the globe that was collected throughout the calendar year of 2015.

The WGI philosophy

The report outlines countries listed by their World Giving Index ranking and score, with giving behavior participation and ranking; commentary on the giving culture in each country, and a look at the World Giving Index rankings over the last 6 years.

CAF’s WGI is unique in that it considers factors that are not directly correlated with a certain country’s economic development or standard of living index, but have relevance in determining the attitude towards charitable giving on an individual basis. It is interesting to note that traditional or religious customs may affect the rankings of countries more so than economic prosperity. Thus, countries where for example the population largely follows the Theravada school of Buddhism — which encourages charitable giving — were found to rank higher on the WGI than countries that are far more prosperous in purely economic terms. This trend, that was noticeable in the 2015 WGI, has also continued throughout the 2016 WGI.

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