Employee Engagement Funds

While it is common for companies to offer matching gift and volunteer grant programs for their US employees, they are often challenged to establish an easy-to-manage and cost-effective way to expand such programs for their internationally-based staff.

Designed to support both matching gift and volunteer grant programs, CAF America’s Employee Engagement Fund enables companies to structure initiatives that best reflect the regional cultures and interests of their global employee base. It simultaneously ensures that employees are empowered to invest in philanthropic causes where they live and work, with the confidence of full support from their employer. Companies also benefit by demonstrating their commitment to employees’ giving and volunteering throughout the world.


Through an Employee Engagement Fund established at CAF America, you can match employee gifts or volunteer activity with eligible charitable organizations virtually anywhere in the world. CAF America conducts industry-leading due diligence reviews of international and domestic organizations to ensure that all grants are made to legitimate charitable programs, funds are used for their intended purpose and are in full compliance with all US laws as well as local government regulations.

CAF America administers global employee matching programs for some of the largest and most prominent US companies, thus enabling you to speak with our staff and clients regarding issues critical to the success of these programs.


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