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CAF America partners with companies and corporate foundations to facilitate their worldwide philanthropy strategies, employee engagement, and disaster relief programs.

Through our industry-leading due diligence & compliance protocols, grantmaking services, and program support, we mitigate the risk, reputational exposure, and administrative burden associated with your corporate citizenship initiatives. CAF America is a trusted and respected voice in domestic and international philanthropy and social investment. We work in close partnership with each of our clients to ensure that your programs and values are transformed into meaningful impact and outcomes.


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CAF America understands the administrative and strategic resources required to implement successful Corporate Citizenship strategies. Working with a select group of corporate and corporate foundation clients, we have developed extensive experience in providing customized Grants Management Services.

Partner with CAF America to extend the efficiency and impact of your team. You will again be able to focus on the tasks that will deliver the best results for your organization and the communities you serve. Discover more about our Grants Management Services here.


CAF America can work with your existing grant management platform to provide real-time updates about your grantmaking activities, including the vetting status of your advised grantees and your available balance. We partner with a number of leading philanthropic technology providers: speak with us about any grants management platforms that you currently use for your grantmaking activities, and our staff will be able to advise on how best to integrate our systems to maximize your efficiency.


CAF America can tailor the structure of its program support to include data collection and reporting services that best measure the impact of your programs and undertake post-grant analysis. Furthermore, CAF America maps every client grant to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), allowing you to track your grantmaking against a global standard. Throughout our partnership, we are committed to maintaining full alignment with your program requirements and desired outcomes.


With over 25 years of experience in giving to more than 100 countries around the world, CAF America has developed unique and industry-leading experience in giving to difficult markets. Are you launching a giving program in India? Are you experiencing challenges in making grants to China? CAF America is the foremost expert in navigating complex recipient country regulations, ensuring your grants go where they’re intended and are made in full regulatory compliance.

To learn more about the benefits of partnering with CAF America, please contact our office.


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Giving in the Asia-Pacific

Given the evident interest in giving to the Asia-Pacific region, we have announced a new service designed to enhance our current offerings to donors: the CAF America Asia-Pacific Advisory Services (CAAS).

CAF America has consistently demonstrated that giving in this region does not have to be burdensome or difficult. Since 2008 alone, CAF America has made nearly 1,500 grants totaling over $25 million to more than 250 charities in 17 countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Our extensive grantmaking history in the Asia-Pacific region exemplifies a clear capacity to serve our donors with an interest in the region, but as the leader in global giving, we want to offer more.

CAAS has been established to bridge any gap that may exist between donors, investors, and charitable organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. Our team of professional advisors has on-the-ground expertise throughout the region. This service enables donors to more easily fulfill the legal requirements for making a grant to an Asian-Pacific charitable organization while receiving a tax benefit under U.S. law.

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