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CAF America Looks to the Future of Philanthropy in Poland

Announcing Ukraine Giving Numbers, Polish Philanthropy Summit Participation, US Ambassador Meeting

May 31, 2023

This week, CAF America President and CEO Ted Hart traveled to Poland, where he and the CAF America team met with US government officials, grantees, and partners across the region to discuss philanthropy in Poland and the ongoing state of humanitarian relief and long-term assistance for Ukrainian refugees.

Since the beginning of the invasion in February 2022, CAF America has made over $49.23 million in donor-advised and restricted grants to help Ukrainians in need; their donors have funded grants to 112 charities operating in 21 countries. This includes over $4.18 million in grants to charities incorporated in Ukraine, and $14.51 million to charities within Poland. CAF America thanks its donors and partners who have been critical for supporting the lives and livelihoods of those impacted by the war in Ukraine.

On May 30, Ted and Brooks Reed, CAF America’s VP for Thought Leadership and Philanthropy, met with US Ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski, where they discussed the charity landscape in Poland, the generosity of US taxpayers giving to support Ukrainians impacted by the war, and the challenges that must be overcome to ensure that US taxpayers can support charities anywhere, safely.

Today, CAF America participated in the First Philanthropy Summit Poland, hosted by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland (ADPP) and the UN Global Compact Network Poland (UNGCNP). The Summit brought together stakeholders from corporate, civil, and public spaces, focusing on emerging trends in Polish philanthropy and how to best support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Image: [Left to Right] Brooks Reed, US Ambassador Mark Brzezinski, and Ted Hart.

Ted gave the keynote address at the Summit, saying, “The theme of this Summit, ‘Philanthropy of the Future,’ should serve as a rallying call for all those who are passionate about creating a positive impact in the world. As we emerge from the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, economic hardships, and the fervent hope for an end to conflicts, we recognize that the stakes and needs are high. As delegates of this summit, we must unleash the power and potential of philanthropists and the charities they support, working hand in hand for the greater good.”

Brooks participated in a panel interview moderated by Polish television and radio personality Odeta Moro, during which he spoke to the motivations for US companies to give and emerging trends among private philanthropists. 

Images: [Left] Ted Hart giving the keynote address at the Philanthropy Summit Poland. [Right] Brooks Reed and host presenting at the Philanthropy Summit Poland

CAF America celebrates the success of the first ever Philanthropy Summit Poland, and looks forward to the future of giving in Poland and across the world. Especially now, Poland is a critical country in the humanitarian space—a ‘humanitarian superpower’ in the words of Ambassador Brzezinski. CAF America remains committed to supporting civil society in Poland by ensuring access to funding from the US and Canada.

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