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NGO America was developed to feature and make more accessible one key service offered by CAF America: equivalency determination. Please click through to the site if you are interested in learning more about this particular service which is offered as a part of CAF America’s full service global grantmaking. was launched by CAF America on November 29, 2012. With this project, CAF America was the first to answer then-Secretary of State’s call to help US donors take advantage of reduced barriers to international philanthropy.

Proposed changes by the IRS have drawn attention to the process known as equivalency determination (ED), used by private foundations and public charities in connection with grants to foreign charitable organizations. As a result, these proposed changes are prompting individuals, families, foundations and other charities, and corporations to closely examine the ways in which they donate internationally. Furthermore, foreign charitable organizations are also considering how the changes may affect their own operations.

NGO America is technically a project of CAF America, and it offers an enhanced service to assist US donors interested in supporting foreign charitable organizations safely and effectively. This service is called equivalency determination.

NGO America is a marketing platform for equivalency determination services, but this route may not always be the best one to accomplish your philanthropic goals. The benefit of working with CAF America is that our staff partners with you so that you are empowered to determine the best course of action for your philanthropic goals. We then follow through by supplying the appropriate service that you need.

NGO America is the “go-to” reference point for anyone who may be interested in international philanthropy; we provide information, offer solutions, and deliver enhanced services to keep global grantmaking simple, secure, and effective.

CAF America & NGOAmerica

You might be wondering why is a seemingly separate service than CAF America; it's not-- by developing this new platform, CAF America wants to draw attention to the new proposed regulations by the IRS and show how easy it is to work with CAF America to achieve any of your philanthropic goals. We are a "one-stop-shop," and we make international philanthropy easy, safe, and effective.

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