» Featured Article: Leading the Way to Greater Global Giving

Featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, this article by our CEO Ted Hart discusses how celebrating collective generosity in the United States can boost philanthropy worldwide.

» Blog: The Intersection of Philanthropy: Shared Value – An NGO Perspective

This is the first article in a series entitled “The Intersection of Philanthropy.” The series will focus on the changing notion of ‘corporate social responsibility’ in the private sector and how businesses are moving toward a more integrative and strategic approach.

World Water Day: 4 Perspectives from Around the Globe

Saturday, March 22nd is World Water Day. Water is a significant part of everyday life, and many people in the developed world might not typically think twice about it. How is water viewed in different contexts around the globe?

The Intersection of Philanthropy: Shared Value – An NGO Perspective

In recent years the concept of shared value has gained significant traction in the international business development community. As we have highlighted on previous posts, innovative companies such as IHG and Coca-Cola have implemented shared value initiatives in emerging markets and have boosted economic performance while creating quantitative social outcomes that benefit local communities. As the concept of shared value moves from an early adopter phase to mainstream acceptance, and corporations begin the process of integrating corporate philanthropy into their day to day business operations, several key issues should be addressed.



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